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Staff Support Training

Wellbeing & Resilience in the Workplace

Strategic approach to bridging the gaps

David  and  Rebecca  Downes are D R Downes Consulting.  Established and highly regarded niche HR business partners, accredited mental health core professionals, and qualified trainers who offer a unique advantage.

Working strategically in alignment with your HSE, HR, OCH, and leaders. We deliver target focused lunchbox workshops on-site in resilience & mental health topics to progressive thinking businesses, who are seeking to get ahead. 

As thriving workplaces need to reflect an environment, where employees can flourish, connect, learn, and grow, and not just survive. 

Our 3-step process offsets the negative health and wellbeing impact of modern life, and enables your core assets to have greater energy, positivity, productivity, and enthusiasm. 

Encourage      I      Prevent   I      Promote

Getting ahead

Modern life offers an abundance of choice and opportunity, more than ever before.  Yet despite all the good stuff, mental health and resilience issues are increasing, as this ever demanding world frys our brains. Wouldn’t it be good to start getting ahead in life, without either your staff or Wellbeing Champions burning out?

Learn New Things

Our informative lunchbox Workshops  will introduce delegates to various topics of resilience & mental wellbeing, critical incident stress interventions, and best practices for Wellbeing Champions.  It will build greater awareness of the simple things they can do every day to proactively support themselves and colleagues in the workplace.

Time to Change

Get your Champions flying

We support the Workplace Wellbeing action plan, and the Time to Change pledge.  We understand the Wellbeing Champions, play a key role in developing and supporting the organisation's culture, but above  all  they need  support in building resilience.  Contributing to the improvement of mental health and wellbeing, whilst increasing employee engagement and performance,  can be mentally & emotionally  draining.

Whether it's supporting your Champions' needs to share their experiences and maintain best practices in our group safeguarding mentoring sessions, or delivering targeted training in bite-size workshops.  We have the expertise to get your Champions flying.


Lunchbox Workshops


Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health Workshops

Bespoke lunchbox workshops delivered on-site.  Deliberately short, sharp and highly interactive. Designed to optimise resilience & wellbeing and enhance engagement and performance in the workplace.  

(30 - 60 minute sessions)


Resilience Coaching

Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health Workshops

Learn about the latest  science-based  HeartMath  technology,  how to  reduce  stress,  and boost  physical,  mental  &  emotional  resilience.    Manage and regulate your emotions to increase your engagement  &  performance in the moments you need it.


Critical Incident

Mental Health Workshops

Critical Incident

Critical Incident stress workshops walk your managers  and champions through the psychological  and  physiological  changes that employees  may  experience.    Learn  the  various  interventions  required for responding to respond to a Critical Incident.

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